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Free-to-Print Educational Posters

Author: The Printique Team

Adolphe Philippe Millot was a French illustrator, painter, and lithographer. He became well known for his contributions to Petit Larousse, a French-language encyclopedic dictionary. His illustrations are both beautiful and educational, labeled with information about everything depicted.

We’ve compiled eight of the highest quality Adolphe Millot illustrations we were able to find in the public domain. Each of the illustrations below are free to print, duplicate, and use however you wish! Simply click on the poster you like and you will be brought to that poster’s download page.

Fleurs by Adolphe Millot

If you hold an appreciation for flowers, you’re sure to be enchanted by this free-to-print illustrated chart. Each flower is labeled with its French naming, many of which translate directly in English. It’s a poster that adds charming color and life to any room where it’s displayed.

Fruits by Adolphe Millot

We were thrilled to find this fruits illustration with a crisp, white background. It holds all of the artistry and allure of the original, with a slightly cleaner, more modern presentation. It would make the perfect addition in a modern kitchen space.

Champignons by Adolphe Millot

There’s something undeniably fascinating about mushrooms, and this poster captures that fascination flawlessly! Who knew there were so many unique species of mushroom!? It’s the type of poster that seems to contain new details every time you look at it.

Papillons by Adolphe Millot

One butterfly is enough to wow us, but 35 butterflies? That’s enough to completely steal our hearts. Each of these stunning butterflies is labeled with their scientific names, making it easy for you to discover what your favorite species of butterfly is.

Reptiles by Adolphe Millot

If you’re a reptile fanatic, you will absolutely love this poster. From chameleons to gharial crocodile, this poster covers dozens of reptile species that the average person has never heard of. Whether you’re just beginning to learn about the fascinating reptiles we share our planet with or have been a long time appreciator of this animal class, this poster will win your heart.

Oiseaux A by Adolphe Millot

There’s no better way to learn than through an illustration you can’t take your eyes off of! In this poster, Millot utilizes a labeling technique where each bird is assigned a number; The respective species is then listed alongside that number at the bottom of the page. This keeps the illustration especially clean, while still delivering some fascinating ornithological information.

Insects by Adolphe Millot

It’s not often that we go out of our way to make room for bugs in our house, but this poster is a different story! There’s something captivating about critters that are so very different from us, and Millot makes it easy to study those differences in detail. If you’re even a little intrigued by insects, you’ll be so glad you printed this illustration.

Oiseaux B by Adolphe Millot

Last but not least we have this colorful compilation of birds. Giving us a glimpse of what looking up in the jungle might feel like, we would love to display this gorgeous range of wildlife in any room that needs a splash of vibrancy.