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The Digital Purge- De-cluttering Your Camera Roll

Author: The Printique Team

We’ve all been there, the dreaded, not enough storage message creeps across our phone’s screen and we wonder – Do I really take that many pictures? The answer is yes. We’ve become a society that lives off capturing every moment digitally and sometimes we simply forget to delete the 45 pictures of our pasta from that fancy Italian restaurant down the block. So what’s the best way to ditch the old snapshots to make room for the new? Start with these four easy steps to start the digital purge of your camera roll.

1. Back it up

 There’s nothing worse than hearing every last bit of your phone’s memory was erased, especially when we have photos living on our phones from way back when. Before wiping your phone clean of clutter, back up your most important snapshots to your computer, a hard drive, the cloud or a storage app.
Recommended app: Google Photos(Free)

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camera phone and computer

2. Learn when to let go

Think of it like cleaning a closet, some clothes you need – some don’t fit you anymore. So let them go! Yes, some pictures we cherish forever, but some just need to go! It’s important to ask yourself if you have a need for this photo or see it serving a purpose in the future. By narrowing down what’s meant to go and what gets to stay, you can forever be grateful in taking the first step towards fixing your digital hoarding addiction.
Recommended app: Purrge (cost $6.99)
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3. Print them

Hey! Remember Polaroid cameras? Ah, the good old days.. snap, print, done! No saving. No deleting. No organizing. There’s a reason they are making a comeback! Now that we live with everything at the touch of a button, we forget the value of printing a photo instead of just looking at it on our phones. The beauty of print gives us the ability to do so much more when you get to feel it with your fingertips.

4. Organize

Ever have that problem where you’re frantically scrolling through your 6,000 photos looking for that one particular photo? Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Luckily with advancements in technology, organizing photos and cleaning up your photo collection are not as daunting. Introducing MYLIO PHOTOS. Mylio Photos helps you organize and clean up your photo collection across all your devices and storage platforms.  

Clean Up Similar Photos: Mylio Photos scans your library and finds similar pictures taken around the same time. You can easily choose the best ones and delete the rest.

Remove Duplicates: When you add new photos, Mylio Photos automatically finds and removes duplicates, so you don’t have the same picture twice.

Save Space: Mylio’s SpaceSaver feature helps you keep the original, high-quality photos on your computer or an external drive and more miniature versions on your phone. These smaller versions take up less space but still look great.

Easy Review: QuickReview lets you quickly review your photos using simple gestures or buttons. You can mark the best and delete the others, making your photo library clean and organized.

The best part about Mylio Photos+ is that it connects all your devices and storage platforms into one library. This means you can quickly eliminate clutter without checking each device separately. Whether you use an iPhone, Android, Mac, or Windows, Mylio Photos+ works with them.

How to Get Started

  • Get one free month of Mylio Photos+
  • Connect your devices to Mylio Photos.
  • Use DeClutter and DeDupe to clean up your photos.
  • Enjoy more striking features in Mylio Photos that help you organize, curate, and share your photos and videos.

Need a hand?

The Mylio Team offers free Mylio Photos+ setup sessions to all Printique friends and customers. Their customer success team will assist you every step of the way, no matter how cluttered or extensive your photo library is. After signing up for a free trial, you’ll find a link to book a guided setup session. Click here to get started.