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Custom Acrylic Prints as Gifts: A Guide

Author: The Printique Team

Acrylic prints are the jewelry of the photo printing world.  Chic and shimmering, a premium custom acrylic print will say everything words cannot when gifted to someone you care for.  Below, we’ve highlighted our best tips and most helpful ideas for gifting with acrylic prints; They’re here to help you make the most of these underutilized treasures!

A custom acrylic print elegantly displays a measurement cheat sheet on kitchen countertop.

Create custom acrylic prints that are functional.

Our first tip for gifting with custom acrylic prints is to create prints that are functional.  The luxurious and high-quality materials used to make Printique’s custom acrylic prints result in durable, long-lasting products that are immune to nearly all forms of damage.  Their durability makes them fit for high activity locations, such as kitchens and bathrooms; Locations that can otherwise be hard to decorate!

Functional acrylic prints make excellent and meaningful décor gifts for these locations.  Create an aesthetic cooking cheat sheet on an 8×10 inch acrylic block that can be neatly and easily displayed on a kitchen counter; Or, create a self-care guide with colorful visuals as functional bathroom décor. Your recipient will be sure to never forget your custom acrylic print gift – since they’ll be using it every day!

Prove that the best gifts come in small packages.

Our second piece of advice when gifting with custom acrylic prints is to not overlook our mini acrylic blocks.  Our custom acrylic prints are available as 2×2 inch acrylic blocks.  These adorable cubes are the world’s most precious way to celebrate life’s milestones.  Print photos of a newborn baby to help new parents add little glimpses of their favorite face to every room; Gift acrylic cubes to your newlywed friends; Print acrylics of you and your family members to create little bundles of memories that will stay by their side for generations.  You will be amazed at how impactful such small gestures can be!

Embrace the romantic side of custom acrylic prints.

We’ve mentioned that our custom acrylic prints are the jewelry of the photo printing world; Let the strengths of acrylic shine by utilizing acrylic prints as romantic photo gifts!

Acrylic will do wonders for your favorite wedding photos.  Not only will they enhance the colors of your most beloved photos with vibrancy and richness, but the thickness of acrylic prints will give depth and movement to your images as well.  When you turn your wedding memories into a custom acrylic print, you give your forever love the gift of reliving your most love-filled moments together – forever!

Acrylic cubes can make adorable anniversary or Valentine’s gifts at the early stages of a relationship as well.  While a couple photo printed on a 30×40 inch acrylic wall mount may be a bit excessive at the start of a relationship, acrylic cubes are a precious way to show your love, care, and commitment in a smaller – but just as sweet – way.  We’ll note here that if an enormous acrylic wall mount feels right, don’t let us stop you from going for it!

The romantic use of acrylic prints doesn’t have to be limited to just gifts for your partner!  We adore seeing acrylic prints used as anniversary gifts for the most important couples in your life: your parents, your grandparents, your siblings and siblings-in-law, and your best friends.  A custom acrylic print showcasing a photo of the two of them will show them just how much their love means to you, and how happy you are that they have found each other.  It’s the perfect gift for life’s biggest relationship milestones: 5, 10, 25, 30, 40, and 50 year anniversaries!

Custom acrylic prints of a group of friends decorates an end table.

Use custom acrylic print gifts to show how important a memory is to you.

If you find yourself wondering whether a custom acrylic print is fitting for a particular gifting occasion, ask yourself how important the memory or relationship with that person is to you.  With this one question, you can determine whether an acrylic print is perfect or not quite right.

As we mentioned, acrylic prints are made to last forever.  When you gift one to someone, you communicate that you treasure the role they play in your life.  We think that’s an incredible thing!

This doesn’t mean that acrylic prints should be reserved for only the most important people in your life.  If you have a teacher, coworker, friend, or coach who shaped your life in a positive way, marking the end of an era – such as the end of a school year or the end of your time with a company – with a custom acrylic print is the perfect way to subtly communicate the influence they have had in your life.

A custom acrylic print of a bride hugger her father decorates counter space.

Memorialize someone with the gift of a custom acrylic print.

Our final suggestion when gifting with a custom acrylic print calls for truly making the most of their long-lasting quality.  They are a meaningful and respectful way to pay tribute to someone who has passed, and give the gift of their everlasting memory to someone in grief.

A large acrylic print featuring a smiling portrait of the one who has passed is a meaningful way to fill a room with their presence.  When used at a wake or funeral hall, it can give those suffering the feeling of saying goodbye directly to their loved one, especially at a closed casket service.

If you decide to gift an acrylic print to someone in mourning, we of course recommend conferring with others who are attune to the situation. Be sure that a photo gift is an appropriate gesture at such a sensitive time before proceeding.  Keep in mind that sometimes it is best to leave time for healing between someone’s passing and giving a gift in their memory.

A custom acrylic print glows in nature sunlight, alongside a blossoming orchid.

Give a custom acrylic print to yourself!

We hope that this guide has opened your eyes to the incredible and heartwarming gifts you can create with acrylic prints; But don’t forget that you are the worthiest recipient of all!

Whether you recently took your best ever photograph or you’re in need of some fresh home décor, don’t hesitate to treat yourself to our most enchanting photo printing style.  We can promise you one thing: you won’t regret it!