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Create Your Best Acrylic Prints

Author: The Printique Team

While acrylic prints have long been a valuable printing method for professional artists and photographers, it’s not often the first style that comes to mind for the general public. It’s time to change that!

Acrylic prints resemble the artwork you find in a museum — vivid, bright, and seemingly three-dimensional; Printique makes it easy to bring that museum-quality decor into your home. Here are five simple projects that will lead you to your best acrylic prints, whether you’re a beginner or long-term decor creator.

Add new depths to your most dimensional photos.

Photographs with depth – from motion shots to splashing water and cityscapes – present wonderfully on acrylic. The glass-like acrylic, backed with sleek aluminum, gives your print a dimensional appearance, allowing you to experience your acrylic print with the same vivacity of living the moment in real time.

Dimensional water photos shown to make the best acrylic prints.

Create the best acrylic prints with art you’ve already completed.

Give a fresh breath of life to your old-but-gold art pieces! Dig your favorite pieces out of the archive and give them a new start on acrylic displays.

Two digital art pieces given fresh life on acrylic displays.

Add luxury to any space with rich, gold details.

Turn gold photos into stunningly luxurious decor in minutes; order your favorite gold-themed photos on acrylic and display them in your home! Don’t have any gold photos queued up? Browse through Unsplash for all the content you’ll need to create the best acrylic prints!

Three acrylic prints of gold-themed photos add rich luxury to an otherwise plain room.

Bring new lusciousness to your favorite nature photos.

Bring nature to life in your home. Acrylic will enhance the luscious features of your best greenery shots, transforming them into breathtaking artwork.

The best acrylic prints created by colorful nature photos.

Embrace the bold side of black and white.

Acrylic prints are known for their vibrancy, but don’t miss out on their black and white displays. Your favorite black and white photos can make the best acrylic prints; acrylic adds a boldness to black and white photos, while highlighting their dynamic range of tones with a touch of contrast. Black and white acrylics are sure to make opulent decor in any room.

Black and white photos create a bold and elegant presence.