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The Freedom of Being a Kid in Summer – How to Capture the Action

Author: The Printique Team


Childhood is filled with milestones, memorable moments and a whole lot of rip roaring fun. Kids are constantly on the go – jumping, skipping, hopping, running here, there and everywhere. Capturing photos of your kids in action can be quite tricky at times, but the following tips should help.

5 Tips for Capturing Photos of Your Kids in Action

Increase your shutter speed. Freeze the action by using faster shutter speeds. Depending on the amount of available light and how fast your children are moving, a minimum shutter speed of 1/250th – 1/500th of a second should do the trick.

children running on beach

Plan ahead, anticipate. Think about the scene, shooting conditions, type of shots you’d like to capture and potential photo opportunities ahead of time if at all possible, especially when shooting sporting events. You’ll want to set up where you’ll see the most action.

Shoot in bursts. Take advantage of your camera’s ability to shoot several consecutive photos by using its continuous shooting drive mode. You’ll walk away with the money shot and a great action sequence as well.

Experiment with different angles. Try shooting your children in action in unique ways. Shoot from up high or down low. Tilt your camera slightly to inject a little dose of fun into your image. Or get crazy and jump in – take a photo of your kids swimming underwater with the help of a waterproof camera.

girl on swing

Pay special attention to details. Twirling dresses, ponytail full of hair flying, excited expressions…capture all the sweet little details that pull you in.

What are some of the challenges you face when taking action photos of your children?

Printique Contributor: Kristi Bonney is a writer, photographer and speaker with a deep-seated love for all things social media. Her blog, Live and Love Out Loud, is a beautiful and inspiring hub for photographers of all skill levels – featuring photography tips and tutorials, freebies and inspiring photo challenges. Kristi’s passion for photography is matched by her love of parenting and empowering women.