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Big City, Little Moments: NYC Photographer Ricardo Pereyra

Author: The Printique Team

Ricardo Pereyra has been a photographer in New York City for 5 years. He has spent that time exploring New York’s metropolitan landscape through his lens, in efforts to best emblemize the city’s character through his photography.

“My favorite subject is nighttime, urban photography,” Pereyra explains, “Preferably when it rains.”

His interest in rainy, nighttime photography adds a dynamic layer to Pereyra’s work. Such a setting give the moments he’s captured a sensation of exclusivity, thanks to the smaller crowds that wander the streets in such conditions.

Pereyra’s other favorite subjects to photograph are “bridges, architecture, and subway stations,” he shared. His almost gothic taste makes him a unique and visually exciting photographer to enjoy the work of.

Another practice we especially enjoy about Pereyra’s photography is its inclusion of the city’s various boroughs. From Times Square – his favorite place to shoot – smack in the middle of Manhattan, to Fort Greene, Brooklyn, to Coney Island, Pereyra takes every advantage of the visuals presented by the city’s dynamic communities.

As the days grow shorter along New York City streets, we can’t wait to see what images Pereyra captures through the darkness.

If you’re also eager to follow along with Pereyra’s work, connect with him on Instagram: Instagram.com/ricp2206