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Big City, Little Moments: NYC Photographer Joe Thomas

Author: The Printique Team

New York City photographer Joe Thomas has an eye for art, and he finds no shortage of it in the details of New York City’s skyline.

“I’ve been a photographer in New York for almost 5 years now and the city is my favorite thing to photograph,” Thomas shared.

One of our favorite features in Thomas’s photography is the way he utilizes natural lighting. The striking buildings in the above photograph are taken to glorious new levels by the golden light that decorates their detailed design.

“New York also has some of the most iconic architecture in the world,” Thomas said, “which makes everyday moments feel cinematic and unique.”

While there’s no denying that New York City’s architecture is a sight to behold, we attribute the cinematic feel of Thomas’s photographs to his ability to recognize and quickly capture breathtaking moments as they slip past in a moment’s notice.

“You can never truly see all of New York because it is so large and ever changing, which is so exciting to me,” Thomas said. Thomas’s sentiment is true, and the ever-changing landscape of the city is captured perfectly in the photo above. The never ending flow of people along each city street makes photos like this and their subjects so engaging. An inimitable moment, of a little kid in a bright red jacket braving the storm, has been frozen in time.

Thomas’s appreciation of New York City’s architecture makes him no stranger to the variations that exist between the city’s many neighborhoods. “I love how diverse the city’s neighborhoods are in terms of look and feel, and I try and communicate that feeling through my photos,” Thomas says. The range of his photography – from bright yellow taxi cabs on the streets of midtown to red-tinted townhouses draped with vinery on a quiet street in Brooklyn – reflect Thomas’s authentic portrayal of the mesmerizing multi-faceted character of the most fabled city in the world.

As the city continues to evolve and shift, we’ll be keeping our eyes on Thomas’s phenomenal work. We can’t wait to see the direction it takes as bright foliage creeps into the city’s trees and golden hour creeps ever so earlier into a New York City day.

If you want to follow along with Thomas’s photography, connect with him on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joethommas/

You can also browse Thomas’s portfolio here: http://www.joethomasphoto.com/