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Big City, Little Moments: NYC Photographer Jacqueline Clair

Author: The Printique Team

If you’re fond of an evening stroll down the townhouse-lined streets of the Upper East Side, you’ll adore the work of the NYC based photographer Jacqueline Clair. Exploring the photographs she’s shared on her Instagram page – Instagram.com/JacquelineClairPhoto – has the illusion of perusing the city streets yourself. When taking this walk through Jacqueline’s lens however, none of the residential streets’ most charming details go unnoticed.

“I’ve been doing photography ever since I moved to the city ten years ago,” Jacqueline shares. “I love going for long walks with my camera or even just my iPhone and capturing scenes and buildings that catch my eye.”

Jacqueline’s 10 years of experience photographing New York City buildings certainly shines through in the sophisticated yet alluring nature of her photography. The photograph above is a brilliant example of Jacqueline’s ability to capture the subtle ways the city seems to wink at passerby’s, through colorful doors or sprinkles of the unusual in a sea of the usual.

“I love exploring different neighborhoods but the architecture of the Upper East Side is always a favorite to photograph,” Jacqueline says. It’s certainly understandable why. The Upper East Side’s architecture plays nicely into Jacqueline’s eye for symmetry and the asymmetrical elements of her captures speak louder among the rest of the photo’s balanced setting.

Jacqueline’s talent and eye for aesthetic took her love for documenting New York City’s hidden treasures to new levels of success. “Over the years photography has gone from a hobby to a profession,” Jacqueline shares. Her work has been published in a number of interior design publications, including House Beautiful, Luxe Magazine and Apartment Therapy.

In the same fashion that Jacqueline expanded her relationship with photography from a past-time to a career, she has grown her areas of expertise from city streets, to interiors, to people: “I now do maternity, family and newborn photography.”

With the season of string lights and snowy mornings quickly approaching, we’re keeping an eager eye on Jacqueline’s work for the timeless photographs she’ll surely be capturing of New York City’s many stoops.

You can join us in following along with her journey by connecting with her on Instagram:

Jacqueline Clair Photo
Jacqueline Clair Family
Jacqueline Clair Interiors

You can also browse Jacqueline’s portfolio here: https://www.jacquelineclair.com/