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7 Breathtaking Panoramic Photo Prints

Author: The Printique Team

These seven photos are everything you’ve always wanted in a photograph – vivid and expansive views of true natural beauty. And it’s all possible thanks to the panoramic photo.

We can all agree: panoramic pictures are very in. It’s common now to see someone holding their smartphone, spinning in a circle in an attempt to capture a panoramic view of his or her surroundings. That may all be well and good, but what separates the amateurs from the pros? Let’s take a look at some of the most gorgeous panoramas around and examine the process behind these perfect prints.

1) City by the Bay

moonlight panorama

Image credit: David Yu / flickr

David Yu’s picture of the San Francisco skyline is subtle, yet pleasing. The city itself is bordered by bridges on either side, lending you a sense of something like symmetry. And yet, each is presented at a different distance and angle. The image’s serene, cool colors are calming, and the bright lights peppering the skyline highlight the picture’s deep, rich color scheme. The moon sits just to the right of the picture’s center, with its reflection dividing the water into two halves, further emphasizing the symmetrical layout.

2) Clear Seas in Crete


Image credit: Nikos Peikos / flickr

The above photo of the Mediterranean Sea bordering Crete was taken by Nikos Peikos, and it also has a soothing, balm-like effect due to its changing, cool blue hues – the crystal waters simply appear endless. The groups of people on either side of the picture also give it a sense of symmetry, creating a complete, well-rounded aesthetic. You almost feel as if you, too, are standing on that sandbar, taking it all in.

3) An Architectural Delight

Panoramic image of the Orthodox Cathedral in Alba Iulia

Image credit: Horia Varlan / flickr

This panorama by Horia Varlan displays the Orthodox Cathedral in Alba Iulia, Romania. Once again, symmetry is the guiding principle – the middle building, combined with the two adjacent linear structures and their arches, seem to split the picture into two halves, creating easy visual lines. The building’s exquisite architecture is also highlighted by the photographer’s excellent use of natural light.

4) A Winter Wonderland


Image credit: Zach Bonnell / flickr

A seasonal departure from our last three featured photos, this beautiful winter panorama taken by Zach Bonnell relies on a cool, arctic color scheme. One can see an expanse of water and mountains in the background, suggesting the depths of a long winter that lies ahead. The fact that snow is actually falling in the image brings the viewer into the present-tense, making you feel as if you’re at the center of this brutal icescape.

5) Bright Lights at Night


Image credit: Paolo Margari / flickr

This gripping panorama depicts the lively city of Genoa, Italy, as captured by Paolo Margari. The deep, rich purple that permeates the skyline is juxtaposed with the warm, orange hues from the city’s lights and their reflection off those leaves in the picture’s foreground.

6) Thai Sunrise


Image credit: Kim Seng / flickr

The above picture captures a rice field in Buriram, Thailand, at dawn. The picture, taken by Kim Seng, portrays a rising sun that’s painting the sky a beautiful orange, elegantly contrasted by the surrounding lavender clouds and the vivid green of the rice paddies below. One tree splits the image in half, creating a line of vision and accentuating the symmetry of the others that line the horizon.

7) A Unique Shot


Image credit: Paul Saad / flickr

This last panorama is slightly different from the others. Here, Paul Saad captures the coastal city of Jounieh, which is just north of Beirut in Lebanon. This picture uses a wide variety of clear, bright colors to create a serene, timeless image. The light blue sky is pierced by the deep orange hues of sunset, which pleasantly overlap with both the buildings and greenery present — resulting in a beautiful range of colors that draw the viewer in.

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