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The Best Engagement Photo Poses Out There

Author: The Printique Team

 Sergio Vassio Photography/flickr

Sergio Vassio Photography/flickr

Not exactly sure what pose to strike in your engagement photo? Not to worry — we’ve picked the top seven best options for you! The various techniques and styles used in each type of photo below will inspire you to strike the perfect pose and create your own flawless picture.

1. The Whirlwind Pose

This is an awesome shot for a couple that’s looking to have some fun with their photo. With this kind of a pose, a great technique is to utilize a slightly blurry background, which immediately draws your eyes to the couple kissing and creates a unique, exciting energy.
This photo sends the message that, no matter how crazy the world becomes, you’ll always be grounded by each other.

2. Kissing in the Rain

While it may seem cliché, honestly what’s better than kissing in the rain? Nature can be the perfect romantic accessory for your engagement photo.
Try to incorporate a color scheme or some kind of consistent balance in the photo — the subtle details are what really help bring your attention to the shadows and light placement that ultimately highlight the couple, lost in their rain-soaked kiss.

3. Fields and Flowers

An important thing to remember when you’re taking your photos is to play around with environment and angles. Try using the various natural elements in your setting to your advantage — the position of the sun can be used to wondrous effect, as we see in this photo. With the sun (hopefully) beaming in the background, you can create the perfect environment for your picture.

4. It’s All About Perspective

A photo with an unusual perspective is always an interesting route to take. The advantage of this type of engagement photo is that it’s out of the ordinary and will surprise your friends and family.
Maybe you don’t even reveal your faces, just your hands — in this way, your picture can make some good use of symbolism. If you’re looking to create a collage or photo book, you can also use this more unique image as the cover.

5. The Simple Approach

Affection for your loved one can also be shown with a strikingly simple touch, look, or gesture. The way the photographer chooses to highlight certain details — like hair blowing in the wind — is what makes this route unique and special. A talented photographer can help take something basic and turn it into something extraordinary.

6. Music and Love

Take something you love — your passion, your hobby, or your art form — and combine it with the person you love for the most memorable photo possible. This is a great idea to use for invitations. It’s even better if you two even share the same passion.
Taking this route for your engagement photo will allow you and your partner to relax and have fun, making it much easier to capture the essence of your relationship.

7. One Love

Shape and body image are the focus of this type of photo. The style the photographer uses has everything to do with body language — both bride and groom create a heart by intertwining their arms in a symbolic gesture. The focus then turns to the hands, leading the viewer to the engagement rings.
Shape and color are really important in this photo, as is location — sunlight and a fantastic natural setting make for a high-quality photo and a high-quality couple.

Put it All Together with Printique

The options for your engagement photo poses are limitless, but any of these seven will leave you with a fantastic and memorable record of your big announcement. Whether you choose the simple approach or go for the over-the-top kiss in the rain, you’ll be sure to surprise your family with photos — and you’ll definitely have some fun in the process.
When you’re finished the shoot, you’ll want to turn your into photos into long-lasting keepsakes that do justice to this important milestone in your life. Printique prints and develops your photos with only the best paper, software, and printers to make the most of your favorite engagement photos.
These photos can be converted into albums, calendars, greeting cards, and even canvas prints. Let Printique process and print your perfect engagement photos — because you deserve the best!