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7 Creative Greeting Card Ideas

Author: The Printique Team

Greeting cards are so much more than a way to say thank you or spread holiday cheer. They have the power to promote positivity, inspire connections, and motivate the people you’re rooting for.

Here are 7 greeting card ideas that will bring joy into your life – and the lives of everyone around you!

I Thought of You Today cards

I thought of you today cards are an incredible way to connect with people you may have fallen out of touch with. It’s heartwarming to know that something made someone think of us during the day; Combine that with the sentimentalism of a handwritten note, and you’ll have yourself a gesture that changes a person’s entire week.

Simply create a folded greeting card of any dimension and place the words “I thought of you today because…” on the cover. Design it however you wish, using our thousands of backgrounds and stickers. Leave space on the inside of the card for a paragraph or more of handwriting.

When something makes you think of a friend or family member, grab a card and write it down! Your loved one will be so surprised and touched to receive such a card from you, and even happier once they get to relive the sweet memory you shared inside.

Order a pack of 20 cards for $1.75 each and watch your world fill with strengthened connections and touching memories.

5 Reasons to Smile cards

5 reasons to smile today cards are the perfect way to spread small servings of joy to all of your friends – whether you know they need it or not!

Choose a feel-good photo – like the sunflower photograph pictured above – and title your card with the words “5 reasons to smile today.” The number can be modified to include more or less reasons to smile, but we’ve found that 5 is the sweet spot.

Leave the inside of your card blank. This way, you can include new reasons to smile every time you share the card with a friend. Cater the reasons to specific friends; For example, list “our upcoming trip” when you send the card to a friend you’ll be traveling with.

Writing down reasons to smile on a regular basis will draw your attention to all the things there are to be grateful for. Before you know it, you’ll be leading a happier and more gratitude-filled life. Your friends will be right there with you!

This is Your Sign cards

This is your sign cards are a way to motivate and encourage your loved ones to chase their dreams. Taking a leap of faith or making a bold decision can be scary; A this is your sign card is a cute and caring way to remind the people you’re rooting for that the universe is on their side.

Fill the inside of your card with anything from inspirational quotes to a reminder that you’re there for support, if your friend should need it!

Recipe Train cards

Starting a recipe train with a custom card is an awesome way to span distances with a shared activity. Simply decorate the cover of a card with food-themed assets and include a recipe inside each time you send it along! Prompt your recipient to pass a recipe on to someone on their mailing list, and so on!

Make the most of these cards by establishing a book club type of group, where each member is assigned to a different member every week. Everyone gives a recipe, everyone gets one! You’ll get to bond with friends while mastering your culinary skills and learning new recipes.

Pay it Forward cards

Ready to spread positivity and generosity? A pay it forward card is a tradition you’ll never want to let go of. Design your card with a cover that references the selfless practice of “paying it forward;” Inside, include a small act of kindness for the friend you mail it too: throw in a $5 bill to pay for their coffee, let them know you did a favor for them in real life, or fill your card with concert tickets or a gift card.

Add a note along with your act of kindness that encourages your friend to pay it forward! Send these cards regularly and you’ll be kicking off a chain of selfless thinking; Not to mention, strengthening the relationships that matter most to you with small gestures that show you care!

I Love You More Today cards

I love you more today cards are an adorable example of cards that work in repetition. The opening line – “I was right” – connects to the closing line – “I’ll love you more tomorrow than I did today” – making this the perfect verbiage to use in a card set.

These love-filled cards are optimal for long distance couples. Keep your partner on their toes by adding something unique to the inside of your card each time you send one. One cute thing to add is the time stamp of a television scene (such as The Office, Season 3, Episode 11. 19:45). A time stamp of a song quote will work as well! This sends your partner on a mini scavenger hunt to decode the message you’re trying to send. Do it right, and they’ll be completely enamored when they find it!

Dear Stranger cards

Have you ever seen a stranger do something that inspired you? Something that restored your faith in humanity? Something that made you laugh? With Dear Stranger cards, you can make a stranger’s day by sharing the positive effect they had on you.

Either carry a blank Dear Stranger card with you to fill out when needed, or print your cards with generic praise on the inside: “Your action today inspired me. The world needs more people like you.” While the blank card that calls for specific and handwritten feelings is more moving, we can’t overlook the ease of the printed card. Pick whichever one suits your usual stranger encounters!

Use this card with caution. This is not meant to encourage you to approach strangers who seem dangerous or while you are alone.