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5 Creative Ideas for Your Wedding Day Images

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

You have just received hundreds, maybe thousands of images from your wedding. So other than printing a fabulous traditional photo book through Printique, what other things can you do to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces?
Let’s create!
1. Make a Collage with your Monogram
This was so easy to do and I love the way it turned out. Using our collages, you can upload your favorite images from your wedding.  With one of your pictures, you’ll upload an image with your monogram on it. Any type of software editing program will allow you do this. Simply use your image as your background, pick your letter and a color that will match your wedding colors. Upload as if it’s an actual picture and place where you think it will look best. It’s beautiful and personal.
2. Include your Vows onto a Print
For this to work, you’ll need some negative space on your print. Depending on how long your vows were, you can either include them all or take certain snippets from them for a more powerful look. Again, any type of software editing program will allow you to add text over a photo.  The main thing to do before ordering is to check, and then double check your spelling before printing. You should also make sure the font is legible and large enough to read. This would look marvelous as a canvas for a softer look. Side note, you could also post your first dance lyrics if you did not write your own vows.
3. Instagram Photo Book
This takes a little preplanning before your day, but when done correctly it will give you a whole new stream of wedding photos. First, make it known that you would like to set up a hashtag for you wedding. For example, #TaylorWedding and let your guests know you will be making items from these photographs. This will give you a specific photo stream for your wedding day, instead of having yourself tagged and your images showing up in everyone else’s feed. Next, you can print from the stream.  Typically, smart phone images were meant to be smaller in size so I would suggest not pushing the images past an 8×8 size. All phones are different, but most will look good 8×8 and under. So with this, pick an 8×8 photo book and you can either build one yourself or we have a template just for this occasion called Camera Phone White and Camera Phone Black. This way you have a separate photo book for your professional photographs and your instagram photos from your friends and family.
4. Instagram Heart
This plays on number three, once you have your hashtag set up. You can still print out all the fun phots and arrange  them on your wall as you would like, we print 4×4 on our Kodak  Lustre which is the perfect fit for this type of project. If you don’t have enough photos from your wedding day, simply fill in the heart with other images you like or find will fit the look you are trying to achieve.
5. Calendar
Why not enjoy your wedding all year? It’s easy to make a calendar with our online software and you can choose from 12 or 18 months. Plus you can choose from 6×6, 8×8 or 10×10. We have prebuilt templates or you can build your own. The most important thing about our calendars is that they are printed on beautiful, professional lustre paper. So when you are done with the calendar, you can actually tear off the images and frame them.