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5 Creative Holiday Card Ideas

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

If you ever wondered how the first-holiday card started, according to the website Emily Post, ” Britain holds the honors for the first commercially printed card, commissioned in 1843 from artist John Calcott Horsley by Sir Henry Cole, who was looking for a tasteful card to send to friends. Wishing ‘A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You,’ a thousand cards were printed. The idea caught on and by the 1860s printed cards were big business, featuring both seasonal and religious themes.”
Although it’s changed quite a bit from the 1860’s to the digital age, one thing is true, it’s the time of year when we reach out to friends and family and wish them the best. If you are still scrambling for photo ideas, we have a few quick and easy suggestions to get you on your way.

1. Got Snow?

Nothing says the holidays like the cold, white fluffy stuff.  You can set the stage outside all bundled up by simply placing a few “gifts” outside in the snow for a pop of color against the white backdrop. I say “gifts” because you should use boxes wrapped up, don’t actually take your holiday gifts outside in the snow as they may get damaged.
Got Snow?

2. Go Against the Grain

You can still show the warmth and the joy of the season without ever showing your faces. Although you’ll probably catch some flak from loved ones who want to see your faces, you can use a play on words with the image by writing in the cards, “Would love to see your faces in the New Year.” This is bound to get some wonderful reactions from friends and family.
Printique holiday card

3. Scene Stealer

Look at some of your favorite holiday movies for inspiration. This set up took me about 10 minutes and I got the idea after we watched our favorite holiday movie, ‘A Christmas Story.’ On the inside of the card I wrote, “We Triple Dog Dare you to Have a Wonderful Holiday.”
Scene Stealer

4. Picture Perfect

This idea is perfect for those with a Polaroid camera. Take a few close up snaps of your child, your pet or yourselves and hang them from a string with clothespins in front of your holiday mantel. It’s an easy setup and creative at the same time.
Picture Perfect

5. Bokeh Lights

When you are scrambling for a background, look no further than your own Holiday Tree. Stand the subject a fair distance in front of the tree and make sure your aperture is wide open to catch that beautiful bokeh.
Printique holiday cards
Now that you have the picture ready, you can personalize it even more! Printique offers several shapes and sizes as well as four different paper options for holiday cards. Whatever you end up with for your holiday cards, make sure to make it special by creating customized photo cards that capture your personality and style. You can check out the most recent holiday cards by clicking HERE.