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4 Prints Your Food Business Needs

Author: The Printique Team

There are plenty of key ingredients that go into running a successful food business; But once you’ve locked in a menu, a location, and employees, what will separate your restaurant from the good or great ones? There are, after all, nearly 1 million restaurants operating in the US today – to stand apart, your restaurant has to strive for excellence.

Excellence isn’t exclusive to fine-dining – it just means you’re the best in the business at what you do. Whether you’re running a coffee shop, a small deli, or an 8,000 square foot dine-in restaurant, here are four printing options that will set your food business apart from all the rest.

Photography wall decor in restaurant.

Elegant Food Prints

Whether you’re serving cupcakes or working toward a Michelin star, large prints that display your best items are incredible assets when it comes to elevating your food business.  Gone are the days of the look-around-and-leave customer; The customers who are greeted with stunning photos of your most delectable offerings will be eager to get their hands on a menu.  Consider food prints a movie trailer for what dining in your establishment will be like!

Food art displayed in restaurant.

A Menu Showcase Book

Menu showcase books are valuable resources for restaurants, big and small.  If you’re operating a primarily takeaway location, menu books can be fun and informative guides for customers to peruse while they wait for their order. By making customers eager to try another item on your menu, you make it all the more likely that a customer will return. Remember the salon look books you would flip through before a haircut? A menu showcase book is like that, but better!

If you’re running a large dine-in restaurant, menu books aren’t a practical item to pass out to each guest – but that doesn’t render them useless! Place them on table ends in waiting areas where guests can browse through them until their table is ready. This will help minimize any annoyances over delays while getting them ready to order at the same time; Speeding up your table turnover time is critical in improving revenue.

Menu books are also incredibly useful when it comes to training your wait staff.  Studying the menu will only get your staff so far; With visuals, ingredient lists, and pairing suggestions, your staff will be equipped with all the knowledge they need to best serve your customers – and produce the largest tabs.

Menu photo book on restaurant table with food.

Bathroom Décor Prints

People love great bathrooms. Don’t believe us? Check out this article written exclusively about the 18 nicest bathrooms in NYC.  When guests see a clean and aesthetically pleasing restroom, they know that they’re dining at an extremely well-kept and high-quality establishment. Plus, aesthetic bathrooms are a great place for customers to take mirror selfies. This may sound trivial, but more pictures in your bathroom means more tags on social media. This quickly translates into more people wanting to come to your restaurant – even if it’s just for a selfie of their own. 

Not sure where to start? The sky’s the limit when it comes to bathroom prints, so have fun with it! Create incredible pop art on metal prints for a modern look; Create a gallery of framed illustrations for an antique display; Collage dozens of quotes and photos on poster prints to create a one-of-a-kind wallpaper that can match any style.

Landscape photography prints in restaurant bathroom.

Prints of Your Guests

If your restaurant or bar is a pillar of the community – or better yet, is still trying to become one! – prints of your customers is an adorable and unique way to form a bond with them.  If you have an in-house photographer who snaps photos during weekends or large events, print some of their photos on classic prints and start building the guest wall! If you don’t have a photographer, scroll through Instagram for photos taken at your venue and ask the original poster if you have their permission to print it.  Chances are, they’ll be honored and excited that their photo will be used to decorate a restaurant they love!

Some restaurants will use guest photos to highlight celebrities who have dined with them; This is a great use of prints! Show off the best and biggest celebrities who have popped by your restaurant and your everyday customers will be even more excited to come by – who knows who they’ll run into!

Fun photo prints of restaurant guests.