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15 Modern Must-Have Bridal Poses

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

Wedding trends come and go, but one thing is for certain a beautiful portrait will always remain timeless. So with this in mind, we scoured the internet for the 15 must-have bridal poses for 2019. Check them out.

1. The Journey

Every step is a portrait waiting to happen. As you make your way to a location, simply ask your bride to pick up her dress and make movements with her hands to show motion. Bonus points if you can also nail the rule of thirds!

2. Veil Play

Let the veil become the centerpiece and let the bride be engulfed within it. It makes an artistic statement and by holding up one hand to keep the veil off the face, it makes it more dramatic.

Image via Pexels

3. Perfect BackDrop

Use a shallow depth of field for this shot. Make sure the bride is holding onto the bouquet and extend it away from her torso. Bring the veil around the arms and make sure the ring hand is on top. Focus on the ring while letting everything else fall out of focus. The result is stunning.

Image via Pexels

4. Quiet Time

Not every photo needs to be  posed. In fact, giving directions and letting the bride fall into place often results in gorgeous portraits. Grab those times that she is quiet and contemplative and ask her to have a seat. Let her just be in the moment and the feeling you capture from this moment is sure to make a masterpiece.

Image via Pexels

5.Texture Time

Find a natural backdrop that showcases texture. Keep the pose simple and lose the flowers. It’s more about the bride’s personality than what she’s holding. The result is sure to make a gorgeous wall portrait.

Image via Unsplash

6. No Flowers Needed

What to do with hands when the bride is not holding flowers? Take a look through fashion magazines and you’ll find this relaxed pose. It’s dramatic and flattering at the same time.

Image via Pexels

7. Follow Me

This idea became popular a few years ago. Have the groom hold the bride’s hand and photograph it from the groom’s perspective so it looks like the bride is leading you to the next location.

Image via Unsplashed

8. All the Details

We all know the ring is important to photograph, but consider incorporating other jewelry as well. We love this look with the emphasis on the ring and earrings gracing this beautiful bride.

Image via Magnoliarouge.com

9. Kicks

It used to be you never saw the bride’s shoes. Now, it’s an important part of her look and it should be documented. Because, well…. shoes.

Image via Unsplash

10. Sweeping Landscapes

Sweeping landscapes will never go out of style. Make sure to do your research before taking the bride to any epic location to make sure it’s easy to get to and the bride won’t ruin her dress or shoes. It takes a lot of work for the set up, but the pay off is worth it.

Image via Unsplash

11. Traditions

Henna tattoos are a beautiful and intricate part of Indian weddings. Surround the bride with the artwork while having her showing her own henna.

Image via Shutterstock

12. Tattoo Time

Tattoos are beautiful pieces of artwork that often have a significant meaning to the person. Take the time to ask about the story behind a bride’s tattoo. Photograph it in a way to incorporate some of the other bride’s wedding details.

Image via Pexels

13. The Dress

A lot of photographers will grab photos of the hanging dress. Try to challenge yourself after capturing the dress, incorporate the bride into the frame. Try to include reflections or special framing.

14. Work the Angles

Angles are important on the wedding day. Make sure to work them. A bride’s hand on her hip while bending one leg gives a breathtaking silhouette.

15. UP UP and AWAY

OK, this isn’t one we suggest you try, however, how fun is this shot? Mix a brave bride with her supportive crew and the facial expressions are priceless.

Image via Unsplash

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