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10 Out-of-the-Box Wedding Print Ideas

Author: Collaborator - Printique by Adorama

Written by Kayli Thompson

Using photo prints for an extra splash of customization at your wedding can be a fun and unique project; But it’s not always easy coming up with how to use them or finding ways that haven’t already become the norm. Having the perfect photo ideas planned ahead of time can set you up to leave your wedding with dozens of priceless mementos.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 out-of-the-box ideas for you to use prints at your event, whether it’s your engagement party, bridal shower, or wedding itself!

Design a stunning and everlasting guest book.

Make a photo album and use it as your guest book. Let’s face it, who looks back on their guest book filled with names after they get married? Almost nobody. You can make a photo album filled with photos that show your journey as a couple and leave enough white space for your guests to get creative with their names and messages. It’ll be a wonderful keepsake for years to come. We have beautiful options for covers that will suit your personality as a couple, whether it’s leather, hardcover with a custom photo and writing, or metal with a selected photo.

Create a photo signature board.

Print a large photo, put a mat around it, and have people sign. You can choose a couple photo to have printed and with our framed prints, choose the size and pick the style of mat and frame. That way after all your guests at your event have signed it, you can frame and hang it. Plus, our framed prints come with several hanging options that make it easy to display.

Perfect your table displays.

Use smaller prints for table numbers. This idea has endless interpretations. You can print 4×6 or 5×7 photos to use as part of your table centerpieces, using them to indicate table numbers. Use a black sharpie to write on the print or have a smaller piece of paper for the table number to clip to it. Make this idea extra cute by displaying photos of you and your spouse at the age of that table number. For example, displaying a photo of yourself at 6 years old at table number 6. You can also take a classic couples photo approach, or pose in a way that indicates the table number – holding up that many fingers, holding a certain number of items, and so on.

Collect anniversary cards ahead of time.

Let guests write happy anniversary greetings on the back of photo prints for you to open at each anniversary. Encourage your guests to write an advanced anniversary card by writing it on the back. Have envelopes and a box they can put it in. Make sure you put each year either on the print or envelope ahead of time so you don’t get a whole bunch of one-year anniversary cards and none for years two and three. Unless of course you would welcome that, in which case, go ahead and let the guests choose whatever year they want, regardless of repeats.

Feature a photo print shadowbox.

Have guests write sweet notes on the back of photo prints and drop them in a shadowbox. This could be in place of a guest book if you wanted. You can choose any size – though wallet prints might work best – and buy a large shadow box to display them in. That way you can hang it on your wall and see a mix of photos and notes. Plus, you can always open it to re-read the notes.

Print your ceremony program.

Put your ceremony program on the back of a photo print. If you’re still into the tradition of printing up your bridal party and ceremony order, you can print that on the back of a photo of the two of you. You could even choose a couple different photos and let guests pick the one they want. If you want a memento of your ceremony order that will last forever, have it printed on a metal print!

Add your smiling faces to the welcome sign.

Print a welcome sign with a couple photo on it. A lot of couples like to welcome their guests to their wedding or to help guests know where to go. You can print up a large, beautiful photo of the two of you on canvas and have it displayed at the entrance. Plus, getting to bring home a signature and beautiful piece of your wedding will be so special.

Celebrate those who can’t be with you on your special day.

Use photo prints of loved ones who have passed and aren’t able to celebrate with you. Sometimes, those who are close to us pass before we get married. Whether that’s grandparents, parents, or other special-to-us loved ones – it’s hard to imagine the special day without them. You can honor their memory and place in your life by printing up larger photos of them. You can display them in reserved chairs at the ceremony or on a special table at the reception. Our standout and wood prints would be perfect for this.Put your engagement/proposal story on the back of a collage print to display. Everyone wants to know the proposal story, so what better way than to type it up and print it on the back of a collage print rather than retelling it 400 times? You can display just one or put one on each table. 

Gather marriage advice from all of your guests.

Make a photo album of photos on one side and a blank page on the other. If guests want to see you kiss, instead of glass-clinking, they have to write marriage advice on one of the blank pages. Put the photo album at your table so you can have proof the guests actually wrote advice in the book. Our mini photo books are perfect for this. Plus, you won’t have to hear the annoying glass-clinking sound all night.