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Perfect Occasions for Premium Metal Cover Photo Albums

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

Life is made up of so many moments. Some take our breath away and others breathe life into our every day. The best way to honor your memories is to give them a forever home. What better way to showcase your favorite memories than with our new Premium Metal Cover Photo Albums? Here is a quick look at a few perfect life moments that will showcase beautifully in our new albums.

Premium Metal Cover Photo Albums

1. Weddings

It’s easy to make a page turner with our new Premium Metal Cover Photo Albums. In fact, you can make the trilogy. Start with then engagement session, you can make a sweet 8×8 book and make copies for parents. The second book is the wedding sign in book. Choose a bit larger size like a 10×10 for people to be able to leave comments. Make sure when designing the book, you leave plenty of dead space for folks to sign in. Try a matte or deep matte paper for best results on the sign in book. Finally, the wedding itself should be the biggest album in the trilogy either a 10×10 or 12×12. It’s easy to make smaller copies of the main book for parents, grandparents and the wedding party.
wedding on front of a metal photo album produced by printique

2. Family

It’s not an occasion, but a cherished life. Your family snaps deserve to live on in print. A day at the beach, a family vacation, quiet time in the backyard, it’s the small things that make family life so special. You can make any family memory special by adding them to a Premium Metal Photo Cover Album.  Don’t forget we have the perfect storage for your memories. So if you lose your phone or your hard drive fails, guess what? Your family photos are safe because you took the time to upload them to your Printique account.
premium metal cover photo album manufactured by Printique

3. Art Portfolio

Let your art be the showcase of the cover. An art portfolio is a perfect fit for an image wrapped Premium Metal Cover Photo Album. You can make a bold statement right off the bat by having your artwork span across the cover and it’s a great way to highlight all of your best pieces. When choosing your images choose the ones that define you and your work. Also, simplicity is your best friend when designing your album as you’ll want the images to speak for themselves. Some of our favorite templates for the art portfolio are the Agency Portfolio, Photographer’s Portfolio and Portfolio in White.
metal cover photo book with skyline on front produced by Printique
These are just a few examples of events that you can make into a beautiful Premium Metal Cover Photo Album. Ready to start your own? You can go HERE to start your own beautiful lay flat, quality handmade album.