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10 Great iPhone Photo Apps

Author: Libby - Printique by Adorama

By Julianne Mosher
Need a gift for the iPhone photographer in your life? Or, perhaps you want to treat yourself. After all, you deserve it! Well, why don’t you try getting an app that allows you to edit your iPhone photos as if you were a pro! But, don’t stress yourself out wading through all the options floating about. We found ten of the best iPhone photo apps out there!
10. Hipstamatic
Hipstamatic is a funky app that lets you use old-fashioned filters to imitate your early cameras. It costs $2.99, but has amazing features that any photographer will love.


9. Oggl
Part of Hipstamatic, Oggl is fun because it allows you to play with different types of lenses after the image is taken. You won’t have to carry around clip on wide angles anymore!


8. A Color Story 
A Color Story says it wants to help you make your photos pop with life and intensity. From bold hues to lens filters, this is one app that definitely adds flair to your images.


7. TouchRetouch
Not many apps allow you to erase unwanted things from a photo, but TouchRetouch is the one-iPhone app that gives you that Photoshop-esque option.


6. After Focus
After Focus allows you to single out the main subject of your photo and make everything you choose to be completely out of focus. Not bad for a nice portrait shot or blurring out the background.


5. Mextures
Mextures is a fun app that allows you to layer different edits to create cool and unique effects. It even allows you to save those combinations if you really liked the outcome.


4. Instasize
If you don’t like when social media boxes your vertical images, then Instasize is a great tool to cheat the system. For pictures that go in boxes, Instasize adjusts the image to fit vertically inside the square. They also offer different filters if you want to change it up.


3. Filterstorm Neue
Comparable to Photoshop, changing up the contrast of your photos will be easy with this app. Available for $3.99; the price is worth it for all of its excellent features.


2. Instagram
Most people use Instagram for sharing their photos and gaining likes from their friends. But if used correctly, the editing tool can make even unfiltered photos look great!


1. Snapseed
Probably the best pocket-sized photo editor for iPhones is Snapseed. Inside, you can edit your photos and make the badly lit or grainy ones look as good as new. Remove red eye or sharpen your pictures with ease, and make all your images look amazing.


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