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30 Summer Photoshoot Ideas to Try Right Now

Author: The Printique Team

Summer is still in full swing, but it won’t be long until the air gets crisp and pumpkin spice latte signs go up at every coffee shop. Whether you’re a portrait photographer looking for some final summer inspiration, a parent making final touches on a summer photobook for the kids, or a hobby photographer looking to print some new wall decor, this list of summer photoshoot ideas will help you make the most of the remaining sunshine and beach days.

Skies of Blue

Tilt your camera upward to cut out cluttered horizons and fill your frame with blue skies.

Find the Bright Side of Summer Storms

Sure it’s been known to ruin a plan or two, but heavy rain can make for dramatic and exciting photographs.

Play in the Sand.

This summer photoshoot idea is fun for all ages, and can leave you with anything from totally adorable snapshots to include in your family photobook to astonishing portraits perfect for large metal prints.

Bring your mirror outside.

Play with depth and nature-made details to photograph beautiful reflections. This idea works wonderfully for photographers who double as their own model! For extra flare, shoot with a circular mirror and get it printed on circule-cut metal.

Go exploring with your pets.

Whether you take them on a trip to the beach or up to the mountains, the summer is a safe and easy time to get some unique shots of your four-legged friends! Once you’ve go the perfect shot, check out how we recommend decorating with them!

Put your focus on the view.

This is an adorable and unique way to take couple or solo portraits! Printed in a summer travel book, they’ll capture both sights seen and intimate moments.

Do a citrus fruit shoot.

With the bright splash of color that citrus fruits add, this summer photoshoot idea will lead to popping prints, especially on metal or acrylic.

Turn your splash on.

Nature’s own glitter will add depth and excitement to your beach photos!

Head to the farmer’s market.

Hit two birds with one stone when you capture bright summer pics while getting your groceries. Who knew a chore could lead you to stunning acrylic prints?

Give yourself butterflies.

These colorful little creatures are the perfect added detail for gorgeous photos. Bonus points if you can find and incorporate real ones!

Swim with the flowers.

Unique angles, natural framing, and a colorful backdrop in one make this a perfect summer photoshoot idea if you’re in search of a creative portrait. Print it on acrylic or metal for a stunning art piece!

Photograph the clear summer skies.

Use these last few weeks of summer to master your long exposure night sky photography. You’ll be glad you did when you have photos like this to hang on your walls!

Get great photos without getting out of bed.

There’s no better way to capture that fairytale feeling than by floating your subject into the middle of a serene lake.

Plan a glamorous picnic.

This summer photoshoot idea works twice as well if you’re a foodie photographer and a portrait photographer – or if you’re just a lover of beautiful things!

Capture umbrella art.

Birds-eye umbrella photography prints are truly timeless, bringing a colorful yet vintage snapshot to life.

Row, row, row your boat – and say cheese!

If you love feeling like you’ve stepped into an oil painting for your photoshoots then of all our summer photoshoot ideas, this one is for you!

Turn your world upside down.

The key to making this summer photoshoot idea successful is striking the perfect pose to make an upside down picture somehow seem right side up. Take advantage of summer skies to grab the perfect shot.

Use water as an attachable lens.

Leaving your lenses at home on that perfect beach day doesn’t mean you can’t still grab a beautiful and unique shot. Let water work its magic.

Score big with the perfect jump shot.

Nothing says summer more than that midair shot above water. Experiment with angles to frame your subject in either blue above or blue below!

Sink or and swim.

Create dramatic and alluring photographs by dividing your frame with water and air.

Put summer in the rearview.

This is a great photo style for capturing two views in one. Create contrast by putting snowcapped mountains in the mirror and flowery fields ahead.

Get amused.

Practice motion shots and neon light photography before your local amusement park closes its doors.

Look birds-eye at the poolside.

Create an elegant tropical feel with a the bright framing of beige and blue.

Make perfect summery prints with colorful vintage cars.

Rumor has it they’re great at holding really, really still. Take a walk or drive around your neighborhood and see what you can find!

Buy yourself flowers.

It was time to treat yourself anyway, so why not make a great summer photoshoot out of it?

Get shady.

The strong summer sun makes for equally strong shadows, so decorate your portraits with any number of shapes and designs!

Dust off your handle bars.

Bikes are a great way to capture a fun, carefree summer feel. Have your kids take a spin to add some excitement to your summer photobook!

Float your way to fun summer photos.

Pool floats come in all types of shapes, sizes, and funky animals. Take that pool photoshoot you did earlier this season to the next level with a float of your own!

Find a window of opportunity.

The out-the-window portrait captures the youthful, free feeling of summer perfectly. Take it on a windy day in a stationary car for a safe and equally amazing shot that allows you to choose your ideal background!

We can’t wait to see what you create with these summer photoshoot ideas! Tag us in your results on Instagram and let us know the unique summer photoshoot ideas you would have included on this list!