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FAQ: Price Increases


Over the last year, our industry has seen an increase in production costs across the board. We have held out for as long as possible, but it’s now time for us to join our industry peers in price adjustments to account for the increased cost of supplies, transportation, energy and labor. On the evening of Wednesday, June 29th, our prices will be increasing – so we can continue to maintain our dedication to value, quality, and service.


To help you best navigate these upcoming price adjustments, we’ve done our best to answer all of the questions these changes may bring up.  If you don’t see your questions or concerns addressed below, you can direct them to a team member at service@printique.com!



Why are prices increasing?

Our prices are increasing to account for increased production costs, including but not limited to the increased cost of supplies, transportation, energy and labor.

Will price increases affect orders I have already placed?

No – only future orders (placed after Wednesday, June 29) will be impacted by the upcoming price changes.

How long will current prices be valid?

You can take advantage of our current prices by placing your orders now, before new prices go live on Wednesday, June 29.

Why are some products seeing a larger price increase than others?

All pricing adjustments have been made based on changes to production costs on an item-by-item basis. As we focus on maintaining every day fair prices, we have only increased prices by the necessary amount; This accounts for the difference in price increase across products.

I am a Printique Pro Service Member. How will this affect pricing in my client gallery store?

The pricing on your client gallery will account for price increases as soon as price updates are live.

I am a Squarespace account holder integrated with Printique. How will this affect prices on my Squarespace gallery?

Our price increase will automatically update the cost of your Squarespace sales, as soon as price updates are live (the evening of Wednesday, June 29th); If you would like to maintain your markups, the prices displayed on your Squarespace store will have to be adjusted manually by you to reflect your preferred markup.

I am a Professional photographer. How much should I increase my markup?

You will be able to see our updated pricing on our Pricing Page once it rolls out on Wednesday, June 29. With this information, you will be able to appropriately adjust your markup.