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Facebook Shouldn’t Own Your Love Story

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The memories our photos carry are too valuable to be trusted with social networks and hard drives. Give your loved one an Printique Love Story Book and ensure that your memories live on forever.
Between iPhones, hard drives, Instagram, and Facebook, our pictures are more accessible than ever — all it takes is the click of a button. But despite all the “clouds” in the world, our precious photos and memories are still no more than ones and zeroes in a computer.
The truth is, just like that high school essay that you had to rewrite from scratch, your photos are much easier to lose than you think.
Technology is delicate. Phones break, hard drives crash, and Facebook accounts can be deleted. When it comes to your irreplaceable memories, relying solely on electronic devices is simply too risky.
So instead of going through extensive and potentially costly measures to recover your lost data, let Printique’s Love Story Book help you tell a story that can never be lost or forgotten.

Preserve and Display Your Memories with Adoramapix

Printique believes your photos should be passed down for generations. They should be kept in a tangible form — something you can hold and pass around to others. Facebook may keep track of your pictures and relationships, but nothing compares to seeing your digital photos in a beautifully crafted photo album.
AdoramaPix’s Love Story Book tells your story in a customized medium that will last a lifetime. Here’s a look at the details of this great opportunity, and how you can order your very own today!

The Quality Your Memories Deserve



As a company that works to preserve your past, Printique believes that only the highest-quality material give you a product worthy of your precious memories. All of their books are made with master-quality photo paper in seamless, lay-flat books, ensuring that your photos look as beautiful as they possibly can.
Each photobook is bound with your choice of a custom photo cover or durable leather. These high-quality bindings and cover make sure that your book will keep your memories intact for years and years to come. Never again will you have to stress about hard drive crashes or accounts being deleted.

Your Pictures, Your Story

Your pictures are every bit as unique as you are. Printique offers a wide variety of themes and options to make your Love Story Book perfectly suited to your specific tastes and personality.
The themes range from Boudoir, a personal gift for that special someone with a charming collection of photos that show you at your most handsome, to Sweet Love, a great theme for a Valentine’s Day, engagement, or wedding album.
It doesn’t matter if your photo album is for your girlfriend or to keep your extended family updated on your romantic life — Printique has the right format for any occasion.

Ready In Minutes

Creating a personalized Love Story Book is not only a thoughtful way to show someone you care — it’s also incredibly easy! Through their intuitive ordering process, Printique makes the process fun and simple.
After collecting your selection of digital pictures and uploading them to the site, all you have to do is select your format, binding, and the size of your prints, and you’re ready to go! Forget about the stress of developing photos and let Printique do the work for you.

Try Printique Today!

Whether you’re trying to impress your new girlfriend or creating an heirloom for the entire family, the Love Story Book is an amazing gift that lasts a lifetime. In an age of digital-everything, a well-made photo album is truly something to be appreciated. So take a break from tagging Facebook pictures and make a Love Story Book today!