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5 Common Photography Mistakes ll Limb Chopping

Author: Libby

We’ve all been there and we’ve all done it. We take an amazing picture and we hi-5 ourselves. Then we get home and load it to our computer only to find out, we cut off our subjects limb or fingers. Unfortunately, you can’t add those back in to the image but you might be able to crop  in tighter.
In this week’s Photography Bootcamp 101, we take a look at #3 in the 5 most common mistakes photographers make – limp chopping.  The human eye and what you actually captured with your camera are two completely different images and one can fool the other. However, once you learn to condition yourself when looking through the frame, you’ll find it easier to not make this mistake.
You’ll also be more confident and mindful of leaving all the digits in the frame.
Our friend Courtney Slazinik from Click It Up A Notch sgives us great advice on avoiding this common pitfall.