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Project 365

Author: Libby

Congratulations – you did it! You took a picture every day in the year 2011 with Project 365. You were determined, you were motivated, you were disciplined with your craft. Whew — you’re done. What? No! For those of you who took on this project, I envy you. You made a habit of documenting the world around you for 365 days, rain or shine in sickness and in health. Now it’s time to preserve your memories with an Printique photo book. Yes, we do have a template that would be perfect for your project. Within our PixPublisher, you will find a lot of different themes. The best theme to suit this project is a 76 page Collage. The theme is perfect because it can host all of your images from your project. It has different sizes and orientations to suit whatever subjects you covered last year. All of that hard work and discipline can be showcased for generations. So don’t procrastinate and let those images sit on your hard drive or phone – give them a home in 2012. You can order our photo books HERE.